In March 2012, we moved to a new address.

25 03 2012

We are chuffed to announce the launch of our new website at a spanking new address and a new category called ‘Letters’!

Two years ago, this project was founded on Facebook, it graduated on to a free WordPress blog, received 1.5 lakh visitors from all over the planet and got featured in publications world over.

And now in 2012, because of some incredible support and patronage, we have a new address and extra space, that can accommodate and display a lot more than before. I do hope you enjoy the website and the project, as much as I enjoy working on it.

Needless to say, this project would have remained a mere idea, had so many people and you not been generous enough to contribute personal images and stories from families. It is these stories, that are vital clues to this big baffling mystery called India. They challenge presumed notions about the subcontinent. I am grateful for every single image and story that has been discovered, and the people I have interacted with because of it.

In other news, the project is now also on the lookout for notable and interesting, personal and not so personal handwritten/typewritten letters (including postcards). Thus, if you happen to have one you would like to share, we’d really like to see and show it. However, the project only accepts Photographs and Letters from before the Year 1991.

I intend to keep the archive free, and so I welcome patronage like gods should be. If you are interested in becoming a financial patron, please do write in at

Until then I shall pin my eye to look for more images, letters and stories. Make the project even bigger and even better. I also look forward to many more submissions from you, your families and your friends. Please do share the site with them. I guarantee they will love it. The more visits and stories we have, the more merry the project becomes.

Thank you for your appreciation, 
Warm Regards
Anusha Yadav