The Indian Memory Project is a labour of love. But labours of love end up costing money too we’ve found!

Running this project takes up loads of research, travel and time, while our overheads never seem to diminish. If it hadn’t been for the stunning generosity of a thousands of people appreciating this project and a few contributing whatever little they could – we would not be able to sustain this project. To make this project bigger and better than it already is, which it must become, we’d deeply appreciate it if you’d like to support the project and keep it going…

To support the cause by buying Anusha Yadav’s photographic prints (available as a limited edition), click here 

For details, on how to be a patron of the project please get in touch with or

Warm regards,

Anusha Yadav


7 responses

27 04 2011
Jason Tilley

Will be interested in sending you some images from my family album archives

4 05 2011

great compilation, keep up the good work.

All the best

25 09 2011

I will provide some old photos with me

5 11 2011
Usha Kapur

It Is a beautiful project.I would like to subscribe to it.How can I help?
Usha Kapur

30 01 2012
Subbiah Yadalam

This is such a wonderful project! One of my favorites on the Net so far! Keep up the good work.

21 02 2012

Hai anusha……..
Very very appreciatable work my dear friend…………

21 03 2012
Anshumalin D. Shah

Dear Anusha,
Thank you for including the entry about my grandfather on the IMP.
I had mentioned earlier about making a small contribution. How do I transmit the funds? Please give details.
In one of the comments there is a request for more related pictures. Is there some way I can directly connect with the comment-maker? How do I put up the pictures asked for?
Please inform.
Anshumalin Shah

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